We offer consulting solutions that will allow you to take on new challenges without neglecting the operation of your company. Diversity in our fields of knowledge allows us to work on a comprehensive solution. Answers for different areas in one lonely consulting company allows an easier and better integration.


From the preparation of an initial budget, prefeasibility and feasibility studies, financial model for search of investment capital, traffic, legal advice, adjustment of the commercial model and start-up.

Accounting services

Accounting external services for tax registry, report requirements and pay service. Transactions process registry over ERP computer system with monthly reports over results by line of products, center of costs and assets control.

M & A

Starting from an analysis of the environment we establish the scenarios where the activity of the company is developed, in addition to the financial inputs we prepare an economic model to evaluate the price.

Due dilligence

If you are interested to evaluate some business opportunitie or infraestructure projects in Central American and Panama markets, set up a company or hire the services of a commercial or administrative agent.

Outsourcing Services

Are you searching to reduce costs delegating your expensive administrative functions? We offer integral administrative services accounting and tax included, legal  and operational consulting services.

Process Analysis

From an analysis of structure, functions and operation of your company, we seek to understand the roots of business, to identify areas for improvement and allow us to prepare a basic adjustment plan.


Be the Regional Consultant that differentiates itself by honestly building a sustainable future for its clients.


By 2023 be recognized as the consultant who provides business solutions for the greatest value growth. Generating through exceptional service, innovative services in tune with your business environment.

Detail of each of our services

Companies development
-Evaluation and presentation of investment opportunities
-Buyers / Sellers Search
-Presentation of intention to buy / sell
-Feasibility study
-Accounting Services
-Financial analysis
-Preparation of price 100%
-Unbinding offers
-Due Dilingence
-Negociation and accompaniment
Set up companies
-Initial contacts
-Demographic study
-Contact meetings
-Assessment in personal and corporate security
-Commercial, tax, banking and finance consulting
-Legal services
-Temporary physical address
-Real estate services for search of office location, campus and executive residence.
New business ventures
-Advice on identification of potential markets.
-Trade expertisse
-Market studies
-Design and commercial assembly of business events.
-Identification and development of suppliers or manufacturers (Europe-America-Asia)
-Consulting commercial design (location, staff, training)
-Consulting logistics design
Strategic Planning (Private and NGOs)
-Elaboration or Evaluation processes (administration and operations)
-Development of analysis
-Mission and vision
-Structure and processes redesign to guide the Mission
Action Plan and Schedule
      ERP Software (SAP Business One)
      Meeting plan
      Follow up actions
      corporate governance
      Commercial design, administration and operations